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Construction Financing

Construction Business Financing

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Construction Business Financing

Construction companies are always in need of working capital to cover day to day expenses and prepare for emergency expenses. When searching for financing, even construction companies with decent credit receive bank or credit union rejection letters for loan applications.

So what does a company do if they need a new dump truck, more shovels, or more fill materials when their customer workload increases? They might have to find another way to come up with the means to cover new expenses.

Biz Advance Now

Additional working capital makes a difference for any construction provider that needs financial assistance. Banks tend to demand extensive requirements and criteria, with no promise of funding. Biz Advance Now has a fast and simple application, with minimal documentation required and one of the fastest funding times in the industry.

Just about any industry that offers construction expertise could benefit from raising more funds to improve quality of work. Therefore, Biz Advance Now offers cash advances for up to 125% of the amount of projected income. A contractor could receive anywhere from $2,500.00 to $500,000.00 in funds when they apply. We have already helped countless businesses who otherwise might not have made it. Our cash advances are based on the revenue of your business, ensuring that the repayment is easily affordable to the business owner.

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